iSWAG 2015

iSWAG Symposium

The International Symposium on Web Algorithms (iSWAG) is dedicated to all academic and industrial researchers working on algorithmic problems related to the web. The aim of iSWAG 2015 is to cover as completely as possible the field of research on algorithms for solving web related problems.


We sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting our mission and making the symposium possible!
logo-qwant Qwant is a search engine that respects your privacy and facilitates the discovery and sharing through social approach.

Cogniteev is a start-up founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur and semantic search experts. its mission is to help people take the best out of the Web Data. logo-cogniteev

UNICAEN V1-rouge-web Founded in 1432, the University of Caen, Basse-Normandie is one of Europe's oldest academic institutions, and is located in the center of Caen. It is a multi-disciplinary university, welcomes 24,000 students each year and offers at more than one hundred different programs.

Yooda has been developing professional search-engine optimisation and web analytics software since 2002. Yooda is recognized in France by SEO professionals for the qualities of its utilities and analytics software. It is highly experienced in data extraction and search-engine analytics. Compagnies that have put their trust in Yooda include: Orange, HSBC, BNP, Publicis, Accor Group and 80% of french SEO companies. Logo-Yooda-680

Clairefontaine The Papeteries of Clairefontaine are part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine group. With the time the group groth with aquisition of few companies which core activity concentrates on paper. Those numerous sites are equipped with sofisticated and ultra modern machinary. This family group which gathers today 3300 employees trough 50 companies is a unique in Europe to be at the same time producer and transformer.
Clairefontaine is member of The Global Compact (the world Pact) which guarantees the respect for not only ecological criteria such as the preservation of the biodiversity, but also ethical and social, such as: the respect of Human Rights, for labor laws and the non-employment of children. Clairefontaine also decided to support Unicef to be able to build concrete projects for the schooling of the disadvantaged children.

eXenSa is a highly innovative company which provide Machine Learning solutions for BigData. We have developped an analytics engine : eXenGine, we provide training and consulting services on Data analytics, and BigData technologies. eXenGine process text, links, interactions and behavioural data from any source, and build a highly relevant model. It can be used for recommender engines, content discovery, customer segmentation, personnalization. Target use cases are : social shopping sites, social networks, search engines, e-reputation, content analysis et search, classifieds, ad targeting, marketing. Have a look at our online demo of Wikipedia exploration : exensa_logo_www

korleon-biz Korleon'Biz is a web agency located in Lyon, France. its main activity is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but recently the company started to manage news websites using algorithmic trends analysis.

ix-labs' mission is an easy to state but complex one: enabling the world in making strategic decisions in a digital society.
To fulfill this mission, ix-labs conduct research, mainly in the field of computer science. ix-labs' research is rigorous, objective and free from any ideological or political bias.

Normastic NormaSTIC is the research structure in information sciences of the COMUE Normandie Universite, concentrating the whole potential of public research in data and computer science in Normandy.